The Last Thelfie Meeh

The Last Thelfie Meeh

Today is Eid Al Adha in my country and several others in the same time zone that sees different animals from the cows to the chickens face their last day on our planet. Now don’t get me wrong I am a lover of sorts of most meat types but can’t help to think how sad it is that they actually die for our satisfaction and this howling outside my window is like a goodbye tune to it’s amigos to see them on in the after-life.

Celebrations are taken seriously in my country especially the religious ones, we are definetly not prone to merry-making.We will have the chickens slaughtered, the bananas mashed and the wine popped at the sound of an announced event, festival or holiday. Whilst the muslims will be going to the mosques to pray on this day before the feasting, come of the other religious denominations will be anxiously waiting and calling on invitations to join in the feasting.

Many also use such holidays to lay low, get excessive amounts of sleep and unhealthy hours glued to the television screen, others will go out partying with friends downing several alcohol types like the brewery announced it was running out the next day and leave the bars walking like a baby who has just learnt to walk, not forgetting those who will respect the day by following its rightful protocol.

Surely we all have different ways we celebrate and express happiness and excitement. My advice? Too much of anything is bad, don’t let yourself die (not literally) in the pursuit of having too much but learn to have enough and be content.

Adios Amigos


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