On that Hunt

You sit with utter excitement and relief as your eyes wander around the room to see if the rest of your colleagues are in the same state as you are. “Five minutes left,” the examiner says with some relief and his eyes giving him away with a bored look. The last drop of ink is placed on the exam paper and in a few minutes all students are rushing out of the examination room as if to go watch an important football match. Laughter, joyous noises and a few screams fill the air outside the room with hugs and upraised palm slaps being thrown around. The area is cleared as fast as a racing car driver on a track after a couple of photos are taken for remembrance.

Celebrations are in order from binge drinking to week-long road trips far from the city, life has never been so good, till reality slaps you heavily in the face as if it was so hard for it to just give you a nudge. You hit the streets of the familiar city with determination and an envelope in hand dropping job applications here and there till you run out of hope and finance for your daily hunting. It’s very clear you can’t get a fair job without having a connection to the big wigs who run the company or city unless your level of luck is at 101%. Now its five months, stress and distress are tattooed on your face almost irremovable, you grit your teeth at the reminder of the vast and countless opportunities you were promised in vain.


Your mind forcibly recap what used to be your close friends and classmates wondering how far they have gone with this phase. Jane moved back to the village as she couldn’t manage the expenses of the city and it was putting a strain on her parents finances, Ben resorted to leaving the country and became a truck driver in one of the Arab states and Maria got married to a wealthy army official as she couldn’t stand the fruitless job search. There is a lot of frustration and desperation that comes with being unemployed that can even go as far as affecting relationships with yourself and those around you but keep in mind no situation is permanent that’s if you do something about the situation. Your attitude in the valley will determine if you get to the mountain top, so don’t lose hope, keep trying and keep praying. We all don’t get to reach the finish line at the same time but we still get there, Ay.


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