Now You See Mee

When i was younger, around my preteens my mother always told me i was born to stand out, to be a leader, someone great and she keeps telling me the same thing till this day but at 22 i feel am still figuring out who i want to be, what i want to do or where i want to go. Yes i do feel pretty old not to know what am destined to be not who people want me to be and it frustrates me at times. I can start a project and have much interest in it at the beginning but lose interest in it later on.

A famous person once said the decisions you make in your 20’s will either build your future or break it, another chipped in saying your 20’s are your most confusing years, I agree with the latter. In a spiritual sense, we are taught not to suffer with finding our identity since God has our lives planned out for us and all we have to do is ask Him though its hard to know when His speaking or when He will speak. Do i still have time to figure myself out and find my rightful path or is the clock ticking so fast i might lose out on what life is offering?

I don’t want to just settle for anything or anyone that is thrown at my disposal, then again this world doesn’t give us much choice now or does it? So i as i go on with the life that God gave me, don’t rush me or judge me it’s mine to live. Just pray for me to find me and that it won’t be too late.


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