Its Me Again

Coming back

Coming back

It’s been a while since i put something down, a lot has been going on and off too. From new years to elections to being unemployed to my birthday and yes i have something to say about it all. I am not sure what to start with but allow me rant about the growing bug of the like, share and comment craze at the end of peoples posts on social media these days. People posting photos or stories of sad and happy situations and requesting for the lsc (like,share,comment) others going as far as demanding or threatening readers that if they don’t something will happen to them or they are bad people.

Do not be threatened

Do not be threatened

Not a long time ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram and there is this post backed by a story about how a little boy died and if you don’t go follow that page, your mother or siblings will die the next day and worst case scenario your own death. Don’t get me wrong at first when i was younger and should i say more naive, I got a little scared just a little but with the posts of different kinds of scenarios, I waited to die again and again and again, guess the little boy, girl, old woman and even old Freddie couldn’t find my home address. Then there are the posts that go like ‘If you scroll down your inhuman/a bad person/a hater/a nicompump’ that if i don’t like or share a certain religious post I hate God. Don’t get me wrong I am a christian but i don’t see anything Jesus-like in threatening people to do what you want so your page or wall can have a million likes when your heart might as well be as dirty as a pig.

Yes Please

Yes Please

My point is I will only like what will inspire me or teach me and share what will build or educate others. We should be more intent on spreading positive, building and encouraging messages and if the spirit touches someone to like and share for someone else benefit then well and good and if they don’t, don’t fret there other ways on getting the word out to people. Don’t be threatened to do something out of someone else will unless you were born yesterday.

Are we thinking alike? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Till next time….Its Yours Truly!



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