An eclipse takes place when one planet passes between another planet, most times the moon being the culprit of the whole scenario. When the last annular solar eclipse occurred, it was more than an astronomical event, it made me go deeper in thought as I always do. I looked at it as life and its surprising events. The sun is described as a star and we all know from our nursery and Sunday school that stars shine and the moon is considered a cold and dry orb that is a lost piece of earth, and let’s not forget the earth, our home.

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Now let’s take our lives as the earth, the sun as the good events that happen in our lives, the moon as the bad events that happen in our lives (no offence to the amazing moon) and the eclipse as the events. There two types of eclipses on earth; The Lunar eclipse where the moon orbits around the earth and at the same time the earth orbits the sun while The Solar eclipse where the moon orbits the earth sometimes and comes between the sun and the earth. To orbit is to take a regular and repeating path around another object.

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This is how life is, take the Lunar eclipse, bad events like financial distress, loss of a loved one, heartbreak, rejection, pain, sickness, stress will come around in your life sometimes regularly or repetitively but good events say, a job promotion, a new car or a proposal will also show up in the same way. Sometimes, the moon(bad) is going to come between the sun(good) and the earth(your life) trying to ruin the light in your life to bring darkness but as we see from eclipses, they never last a lifetime, they fade away after taking a path in our lives.

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When you want light to come so badly in your life you have to be hopeful and positive that it will come even when it’s no longer than expected, when people can’t help, when prayers seem unanswered and no way is seen. We are tested on how much we can endure during harsh times because we are made stronger, tougher and more appreciative. The sun will shine again and you will smile along with it, choose strength. Always remember light cant shine where there is no darkness.


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