I LOOOOOOVVEEEEEE taxis, by the time you finish reading this you will tell how I adore them. I love how they want to knock me down whenever they see me even when I am just crossing the road and they block my way. I love how they wait  for me to get into the taxi after signalling to them that I won’t be using their services even when I am a million miles away and waste other passengers time. I am in awe at how strongly the conductor grabs my arm to get into his taxi when other taxis are around, the competition is really serious it bothers and frustrates him so much he takes it out on me.

I love how my relationship with the conductor frequently changes with the names he calls me like, ‘sister’ ‘ka mami’ ‘size yange’ ‘baby’ ‘mummy”mukwano’ and the usual ‘nyabo,’ his always suprising me. I love how the driver stops to look for potential passengers every 50 meters, he cares so much and doesn’t want to leave anyone behind so he tells his conductor to check for the imaginary people too and he insists to wait because he thinks they will come.

Image result for taxis in kampala uganda  A commuter taxi in Uganda.

I love the speed at which he drives (snail-speed) even when the roads are free of other vehicles and the taxi is filled to capacity. How can i forget to mention how the conductor loves to add five other passengers on a seat meant for one, he has taken the cuddling too far. I certainly enjoy how he keeps calling me out to pay the fare a minute after I have settled into the taxi and every five minutes after that.

It amuses me, the hygiene of the conductor, his odor is beautifully nauseating, his first breath could be your last breath and his clothes form this unique dark color texture I have never seen before. There is this gesture he always makes, where he ignores me when I request for my change or when I want to alight from the taxi, those two always throw me off my feet. I am starting to think he found out my love for antiques because his always giving me old cash notes and coins.

Image result for people alighting from a taxi in ugandaMost people use taxis to get around.

I cannot forget the moment when he took all the change he was supposed to give back to me, that one was so memorable I cried. Finally, I love the way the driver never parks at my next stop even after constantly reminding him a few minutes away from it, I can tell he really enjoys that. What do you love about taxis? Share with me.

A taxi is a vehicle that carries 14-35 passengers depending on the conductor or drivers desire, stops unnecessarily, takes an extra share of your change and always leads you to another destination other than the one you desired,thirty minutes later from your planned time.


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