If you have grown up in an African home or watched Nigerian movies, your not a stranger to black magic or what we are familiar with as witchcraft or juju. Some have experienced it and some have doubts about it, what do I think? I have been in circumstances where I have questioned its existence believing my mind was playing games on me but I have also experienced paranormal activity and can conclude that it exists. I have heard things, seen things and even fought things, thank heavens I am still here. Being a Christian  the Bible also confirms that it exists (Deuteronomy 18:9-12) and the punishment for it is DEATH (Exodus 22:18).

Here are two ways to avoid being a victim or making someone a victim to it to a certain level I call bewitch-able level.

Stay single. For as long as you don’t have a human who is male that you probably nick named a fruit or food type who you are always seen with publicly in a way that signifies your a couple, then your safe from the clutches of the enemy or a crazed stalker who has always wanted your Melon sorry boyfriend/fiance/husband/best friend. As long as he can function or has a happy dollar future your in trouble, it doesn’t matter how he looks like; short,fat,skinny,missing certain features like teeth or a hair line he can be taken and the best way some people (aka jealous discontented women) know how is through bewitching.

Now don’t be comfortable as yet ladies, your as prone as the men are, I have heard of situations where items like sticks are placed under your bed or in your belongings making you dream of someone other than your Melon, that is really creepy especially since the only other people we want to dream about are in the range of an Efron or Usher. Therefore that being said being single will help reduce your bewitchable level to 50 percent.

Secondly, Stay away from people. Now your wondering what people am I talking about. I mean all people; friends,family, strangers, anything that looks human, you should stay away from. Here’s why, people bewitch for several reasons like jealousy, anger, dissatisfaction, revenge and several other reasons all of which connect to people. You have sibling rivalry brought about by property to be inherited if one feels they should get more or all of what is present and it’s most likely going to end up in witchcraft. Not all friends are real friends, especially when your doing so well and winning at life, this causes what? witchcraft. Just stock up on food that will last you a lifetime or become a farmer and live in a deserted area no human can imagine finding another human say the Amazon, desert or any ocean of your choosing, I also heard from a little birdie that the moon and mars have plenty of space, go there and live in peace at bewitchable level 50 percent.

Please note that no matter what you do or where you go, the enemy will try to find you and harm or destroy you, the above methods can only help to a certain level. You are only safe when you involve God in your affairs and guess what it’s free and will just cost you some time and surrender. Till next time, enjoy the rest of your week.

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Stay blessed.






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