Pavement Etiquette

So i was recently walking on the ever busy pavement or side walk as some know it in the city only to be suddenly whisked into the entrance of a nearby shop. I was infuriated, very infuriated. I thought to myself, who would be so mindless to act in such a manner. I turned back to look for the careless individual and they were long gone, don’t people watch where they are going. I actually almost cried as I usually do when am angry. Some people just do not have pavement etiquette and if you’ve not experienced these such acts like being pushed, shoved or stepped on while moving on the streets of this city, then you are most likely the one promoting this preposterous act or you only use the streets during the wee hours of the day.

I am here to share with you some etiquette when moving on these harsh streets.

  1. Phone usage. I rarely pick my phone up when someone calls me while I move on the side walks because  I am very much afraid of phone thieves but when I really have to , I don’t abruptly stop and pick it from where other people need to pass through. I walk to the side or end where I will not inconvenience some one who was probably rushing for a lunch date with a lover or blesser.
  2. Mind your baggage. When you happen to be moving with luggage that is the size of a hippo please be mindful as to how you move with it so you do not bump it into other people, as it is not a person of its own to know who is coming ahead and to tell you the truth, that bump is most times painful, what if you dislocate my bones? In the short run, I will probably curse something even the demons would be surprised at which is a sin and the Lord won’t be happy with you or me.
  3. Meeting friends. If you suddenly meet someone you knew or know and meet them as you move to catch that taxi at pioneer mall probably during rush hour, do not,  I repeat do not engage in a long conversation in the middle of the pavement lest insults and shoving take place there after and I know most individuals would be salty there after. Simply and quickly lead your friend aside and have your catch-up that you probably do not even care about  (you simply just wanted to go home)away from pedestrians. People have places to go, some are rushing to hell and others heaven, do not delay the process.
  4. Keep watch. Now even after sharing these laws, there will still be people who will break them, yes they go with the motto ‘Rules were made to be broken’ or just naturally have bad manners. This is where this last tip comes in, Keep watch of these culprits as you move on the pavements. You might have to duck, slide and swerve to keep yourself from harms way but hey look at the bright side you might come up with your own dance move or finally perfect the ones that were giving you hard time and if you happen to knock someone over, use the magic word ‘I am sorry”Sorry’ or ‘Hnkwebfk’ some mumbled made up word because your too proud to say the actual word(s).


Till next time,

I remain Meena.

#UgBlogWeek DAY3



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