Just Do It

Growing up our parents taught us to read ‘hard’ so we could excel and get the jobs of ‘our’ dreams. The dream professions were the doctors and lawyers, so we grew up with that mentality, to be a doctor or lawyer or do what our parents did. Being raised African, it is hard for some parents to tell their kids do what your heart leads you to or explore your options and find what you love and if they do it is usually directed back to the safe jobs, the respected jobs, the more paying jobs but as I grew up, so did my mind.

When I was unemployed and sat home for a couple of months, my brain being the way it is was tired of the same routine, wake up at 10 a.m then have breakfast and watch TV series or movies sleep (not even nap) in the afternoon, in the evening, catch up with those who had gone to work or school, do some chores here and there and then call it a night and repeat the next day.

I got tired of this routine even though my love for sleep is noncomprehending, I had to do something, anything to keep busy,a friend had noticed the ambitiousness I had in me. I didn’t want to go back to school as yet who am I kidding I didn’t have the funds to go back and I had a hunger for other skills, the creative ones our parents think cannot take you far or are not respectable so I resumed writing since I always had a passion for transferring things from my head and heart to paper but wasn’t that consistent.

I was broke at times, most times, all the time, so I couldn’t do my hair whenever I pleased it is at that moment that I decided to go back natural by transitioning and along the way I taught myself to braid, yes like the way they do in salons from watching YouTube tutorials and for a first timer people were surprised but warning! It didn’t come out the same way as the experts work.


I was loving this new me, everyday I was learning something then I realized YouTube is a ‘thing’ like its a job for some people, they actually earn from making videos and take it seriously. I actually had thought of YouTube sometime in the past but thought it’s a white people thing and so many other misconceptions. In short I didn’t do my research on it but my cousin later encouraged me to but did not think I had the talent and time for it.


One day we made a very silly video when a friend brought a cotton candy machine home and to cut this all short let me say I didn’t look back. Where am I going with this, I am saying we are all made to be different and to do different. Do what you love, do what you set your mind to, do something new, do whatever you can while you still can, just do do do. Do not be wasted, let your future you be thankful for what the past you did. I am always looking for something new to learn everyday, what is your excuse? Don’t let your dreams be dreams.


This life is not guaranteed everyday, what do you want to leave behind, what will people remember you for, what will inspire people to live to their fullest from how you lived? What do you have to lose anyway? People are only negative because they wish they had what you have or do what you do and that’s what encourages me to do whatever I do. Even if I don’t make it to the newspapers or be called out to events internationally, I would have lived knowing I did what i wanted, i tried, i took the leap and would encourage everyone else to do so. Hope these words ring in your mind, Just do it.

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