Where’s my Weekend?


I left work happily on Friday, played my Friday playlist with happiness and got home in an excited mood, my cousin wondered what I had smoked, ‘The Weekend’ I replied. I was ready to catch up on my series and movies without thinking of waking up at the unsafe hour but before I could blink, it was Sunday night.

Image result for weekend is over gif

Now, I do not know whose stealing my weekends from me because they end before they start. Is it because of too much activity or lack of it? This has become a serious concern for me, I do not know which doctor to see or authorities that can help me with this issue. Am I the only one? Is this a serious condition? Is there a cure? It is now Sunday night and Monday is here, I didn’t call him, this annoying stalker that never gets the hint. Someone help me, I need my weekend back! #BringBackMyWeekend

#UgBlogWeek Day7


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