This is evidence that we do have adventure parks in Uganda and do not have to travel to Europe or America to get the experience, for now at least. Extreme adventure park also known as Busika motocross arena is located in Wakiso district about an hours journey from Kampala city. For more information, Google. We boarded Busika taxis which we found near Standard supermarket from the old taxi park and set off at 1.10pm from Kampala and arrived at the Busika stage a few minutes to 2.00 pm and were charged a fee of 3500/=. We then grabbed ourselves boda-bodas (motorcycles) at 2000/= to the adventure park. Note that I shared the boda with a friend and found out it was a walk-able distance.

kkAlso took the jaj selfie

We paid a sum of 60000/= for the High rope course only. At first sight it seems easy-peasy that my friends and I thought we would finish it in a few minutes but Boy were we wrong, the first level had us hanging up to about  4.30pm. The staff was very helpful from our arrival, giving us all the information we needed and strapping us up with the safety equipment plus teaching us how to use the equipment on ground before we even got to start.We signed an agreement mostly detailing safety and couldn’t wait to start. There were a couple of people who got stuck and found it hard to go on and while on ground I wondered, ‘how can you get stuck on just ropes pssssh, I’ll show them.’


Signing our lives away

I was the first among my friends to start the first level and I won’t lie when I moved two steps on the first section, I almost gave up. This was proving to be hard and I was losing my breath and suddenly I had a fear of heights but trust my friends to cheer you on when you feel discouraged or want to give up. I kept pushing telling my mind that this is like Life, if you want to make it out alive you have to persevere and fight on. The staff were also supportive I must say, watching us every step of the way and directing you on what to do when you got stuck. Remember the people i mentioned who got stuck, the instructors (who were mostly men) could not let you give up, it was not an option, AT ALL. there was no turning back, you have to finish the course you set out to accomplish and what made it rewarding was the zip lining at the end, there was no other way around it than to finish the nerve wrecking course.


Level one rope course

It was really tough and my hands got sore and red, being a short person, the stretching to grab the ropes made them hurt and my feet hurt a bit too. We took a break for some refreshments and snacks, the sodas and mineral drinking water were at 2000/= , plain chips at 7000/=, chips and chicken at 20000/= and chicken stew at 20000/=, there was lots of other food items on the menu but we didn’t see one and were randomly asking whatever came to mind. After a 30 minutes break half the team was done with the course,literally  and couldn’t go on and the other half of us decided to give it a try in the name of ‘challenging ourselves more’ and ‘our money.’ I do not even have the words to describe the second level but it was more challenging than the first, yes it was harder and loyally living up to the park name, it was extreme, it didn’t look as hard as it was. At one point I got stuck in mid air and struggled to get across to the other side and was helped by a friend after a few minutes of struggle.

Maybe I am just unfit and need to hit the gym once again or I just do not try enough adventurous activities in my life. If you love adrenaline pumping activities or just want to try something fun and exhilarating, then this is something you should try and let me know how it goes. We met a lot of friendly and helpful people too, it was comforting to see that we were not the only ones struggling. The park also hosts birthdays and we crashed two cakes from the people who were celebrating there’s from the park, Ooops.


Unforgettable and Exhilarating experience

We had fun at the end of the day, signed it off as a worthwhile experience and got motivated to try some other activities like bungee jumping only after our hearts had cooled off from the high rope course. Do not forget to check out the video I made on YouTube (Channel name-Meenablaque) to see more of what went down, hopefully it will motivate you to go check it out.


You were good to us, Extreme Adventure Park – Busika

Here are some tips in case you decide to go;

  • Please book in advance. Be organised.
  • It is preferable to have private means but you can still get there with public means of transportation, to and fro. Do not worry.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, shorts or jeans or any form of trousers will do just make sure they are comfortable and wont rip when your doing any of the activities you set out to do. There is lots of stretching. You can carry an extra pair of clothing to change in case you get into a sweaty situation.
  • Shoe game. Canvas or sneakers are the most advisable, if you want your feet to make it out alive, although some people had closed shoes like pumps and even flat open shoes. No heels please, this is Ugandan Ninja Warrior.
  • Carry gloves as we were not offered any. the ropes can be a pain as you will be grabbing onto them most of the time and the heat doesn’t help the situation. My hands were red and sore but loosened up at the end of the night with some oil and lotion massage.
  • These are moments that need to be captured, make sure your phone or camera is fully charged and the staff will be more than glad to help you photograph some of these unforgettable moments, you can carry your charger too for when you get low on battery, the bartender will help with that too.
  • Lastly, come prepared to have an experience like never before, fun, exciting and challenging but you can do it, Man created these things.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         From me to you, More Love!!!

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