Where have you been?

I’m still here

Let me start by apologizing for abandoning one of my babies (my blog) and the people who read it, I hope your still there, are you still there? So let me catch you up real quick on what has transpired since the hangover (not alcohol) I had from the Busika trip.

February. Nothing big happened in the month of love, I was still single as I’ve always been on every Valentines Day since birth and buying myself candy to reward myself for it, while rolling my eyes at couples throwing their love-fest on social media and on the streets. I dumped the gym and now I’m starting to look like a lumpa lumpa. I took a selfie though.

The selfie bug bit me

March. Birth month came in. I’m not the dinner kind of girl, if you go back to my birthday history gallery you won’t find photos of my friends and I in fancy dinner dresses, eating Caviar and sipping some expensive wine.

You’ll find me doing something that gets the adrenaline rushing like paintball shooting or eating pizza and taking shots while playing never-have-i-ever. Surprising,I know I’m full of them. So this year I took it to another level and went bungee jumping and water rafting on the River Nile in Jinja with my besties life_simpulified and daddys_jewel, we refer to ourselves by our Ig handles.

Between the two activities, I thought the rafting would be the hardest but my oh my was I in for a surprise. It was scary at first, but after the first rapids, you become a pro and you feel you can conquer the world and suddenly your not afraid anymore. It was so much fun and exhilarating, words can’t describe how awesome it was, oh they just did!

Bungee jumping is not child’s play, it’s one of the scariest and yet most tempting activities you’ll ever attempt to do and the screaming is automatic once you jump off. To hang in mid-air while being bounced from side to side like a pendulum (i finally used physics) with nothing to hold on to is what scared me the most, I’m glad I tried it but do not think I’ll be going back anytime soon. I put up a video on my YouTube channel that you should check out. I should go sky diving next year, I think.

The highlight of my trip


April. When you hear April you only think of one thing, Easter! Such an amazing feeling to remember what Jesus went through at that time and what it meant for us all. But let’s not forget the bonuses that come with it.

Yes, I’m talking about the food flood that happens through out the four days, the sleep bug that hits viciously and the best of them all, no work on Monday, for some of us at-least. Now don’t act like you were not thinking about it too. I’m still looking for ways apart from Prayer to love Monday again.

Man’s best friend is Sleep

I am going to be more dedicated to put out more blogs with story times here and there. Is this the part of the blog where I tell you to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube at meenablaque? I won’t do that. Oh, I just remembered there’s some cake I saved for later in the refrigerator, I’ve got to go. I hope you have all been good and stay extraordinary.

More Love.



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