I’m in love again. I can shout it from the rooftops of all social media platforms. I have not been genuinely happy in a long time. I mean the happiness, where you smile to yourself and gaze away into space like in the movies, yes, that kind! This love is, and hopefully will turn into, an obsession, one I’ll gladly contain. No longer, will I have to stare at people in public jealously or scroll through Instagram profiles and rewatch Youtube videos as I longed and prayed to have what they had.

Can I say, if I have not expressed it already, it’s such an amazing and fulfilling feeling to be where I am today. I have waited so long and worked so hard for this and although it’s not where I want it to be, it’s perfect for now and I’m complete for now. It has taught me, how important and rewarding; preparation, dedication and patience is. And now people of the internet, the moment you have all been waiting for or not, I now reveal why I am in love.

On Friday night, I texted my sister, Natalie (who is in actual sense my cousin but we’ve grown up so closely together that we consider ourselves sisters) if on wether she would help me out with something very major the next day, long story short, she was super excited to. The next day without second thought, I packed all the neccessary requirements I needed to complete the glorious task ahead and I was heading out of the house and walking on the dusty path to the main road, I thought to myself, you’re finally doing this, no second thought, the time has come. After this, you will finally be with your one true love.

Natalie and I, slacked abit, I was almost having second thoughts about it. Was I scared? Was it really the right time? Maybe I should wait a year or two or seven. Can I trust Natalie with this one thing I dearly adored? So many questions and literally so little time. ‘Meena,’ Natalie called out, ‘Are we doing this or not?’ Oh Shoot! She hadn’t forgotten, even after watching about two episodes of The following which we had delved into for the past two hours. I mumbled something even I couldn’t make out, then I got up grabbed what we needed and she got to work.

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! The scissors went. I closed my eyes a couple, several, million times until I got used to it, got comfortable and in about an hour it was done! Finito! All my treated ends were gone, and my natural hair was left to crown my now small head. Yes, after transitioning for about 13 months, I did the big chop, I cut my hair. I’m now a full naturalist? I can now post #naturalhair #hairgoals #transitionernomore #bigchop? I can now be welcomed onto the naturalist train? All that didn’t matter, I was happy, I could see my beautiful natural hair again after an accident by a salonist a few years ago that had left it in another state(story for another day).

Wondering how I look like now? Don’t mean to boast but pretty amazing, Natalie told me already and that’s one of the few opinions I value and won’t care for the negative ones, I’m too happy with my locks. I’ll probably be posting a generous amount of pictures on Facebook but mostly Instagram (@meena_blaque) and a couple more updates on my channel (@meena_blaque), so make sure you follow me on all those platforms and turn post notifications on so you never miss a thing. I love you my awesome readers and hope you enjoyed this piece.





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